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Store Purchases - Wipe Day


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General Use
Store purchases, excluding memberships, are single-use and are gone once broken, given away or lost. There are special circumstances that would help you recover these items which include, but are not limited to, server issue, game bug or theft. See below to find out how to submit a ticket.

Wipe Day
Since store purchases, excluding memberships, are single-use they will also be effected by game wipes. All store purchases made a week prior to a wipe can be carried over upon request. See below to find how to submit a ticket.

Questions or Concerns
If you're not sure whether or not your purchased item(s) can be recovered, feel free to drop us a ticket at any time so that we may provide assistance in any way possible.

Submit a Ticket
We require all store inquires to be submitted as a help ticket so we can easily verify your account and locate the information we need to provide fast and accurate support. Be sure to log in to the correct account before creating a ticket.


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