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Teleport System Overhaul

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The friend TP system has been reworked to address several bugs and improve functionality with a new user-friendly interface on our Survival and Scourge servers. 

Key Changes

  • There is no longer a cool down in-between teleports. Instead, the cost will increment by 50 credits every use.
  • Players no longer teleport while sleeping to prevent inventory tampering.
  • The loading screen will be slightly longer to ensure your client has received a full snapshot to avoid clients being overworked when loading a new area.
  • The cooldown before teleporting has been removed. Once the request is accepted the action is instant.
  • Players can no longer teleport to other players while on cargo, hab or floating junk piles to prevent invalid parented offset.
  • Players teleporting from cargo, hab or floating junk piles now have their parented entity removed to avoid parented offset issues.

A more detailed list will be included in the changelog that'll be posted later in the month.


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