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Happyhemp024 robbed my crops

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I logged off to go get something to eat. I came back on & my crops were gone, pumpkins, my hemp & corn. The pumpkins & hemp were in a fenced in area & the corn was in planters on my roof. I took a screenshot of him still asleep on top of my windmill tower. There is no other way to get on the roof from the groun. the heli was still on my roof when I logged in so I know it was happyhemp024 that stole my crops. I was told stealing crops is worth of a ban because it counts as raiding so I am reporting it. 


This happened on US Scourge server. 


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The fences you see in the screenshot are a result of what had happened. Originally I had high walls built with a code lock on it. What you see in this screenshot are fences & a  gate taken after the fact to build a  new farm area. The looted area was closed off by high walls & obviously you can't get on my roof otherwise. 

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