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US-Scourge Murder Maze ~ Sun/28 at 8pm


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Are You Scared? Good!

Will you run and hide or search the maze for weapons to kill the murderous admins before they find you? In this timed server event, players have only one goal... to stay alive.

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • When the staging area door opens, players must enter the maze.
  • The door will close, preventing players from entering the maze again if they die.
  • Players will try to stay alive for five minutes.
  • The last player(s) standing when everybody else has fallen are the round winners.
  • There will be multiple rounds of play (to be determined based on total number of event participants).

You may choose to run, hide and avoid contact with the maze murderers and be the last player alive. You may also choose to locate weapons hidden in the maze and kill the murderers before they get you.

Event Times:

Sun July 28:  8-9 pm ET 


  • All event participants will receive in-game event rewards at the end of each timed maze run. 
  • All players who win a timed Maze run event with 5 or more participants will receive one in-game prize (supply signal).
  • Round winners must meet one of the following: Last Player to Die (or) Any Player alive if all admins die.
  • Round winners who stay alive AND kill an admin will also win Gold Egg MVP prize.
  • Top 3 participants who play all starter rounds AND stay to participate in the third final round will also win a $5 RustEZ store credit.
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How to Claim your in-game item prizes: Ask any US-Scourge admin in game chat for supply signals or Golden Eggs. You may claim them now or wait until August wipe.
How to Claim RustEZ Store Credits: Send me a private message on the website, once you have logged in. Please mention your IGN in the message.

ROUND 1: Alive ~  Prize: 1x Supply Signal

  • Oct31st

ROUND 1: MVP: Alive + Admin kills ~ Prize: 1x Golden Egg, 1x Supply Signal

  • Bart
  • Lumos

ROUND 2: Alive ~ Prize: 1x Supply Signal

  • Cannedchese
  • Veteran850
  • Oct31st
  • alexanightfire
  • Jelly Belly
  • TK
  • Vonblood
  • bomndh
  • Theodore Baggins

ROUND 2: MVP: Alive + Admin kills ~ Prize: 1x Golden Egg, 1x Supply Signal

  • smok3y420
  • Dicko A La Mode

ROUND 3: Top 3 (alive/last to die)
PRIZE: $5 EZ Credit

  • alexanightfire
  • TK
  • Lumos

Did not die (+ 1 Golden Egg)

  • alexanightfire

Emote it winner
PRIZE: Glowing eyes to use for rest of wipe.

  • Jelly Belly





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