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Scourge Summer Wipe Party - Aug 1


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Join us in Discord and on the US-Scourge server for our summer wipe day party, starting at 12:30 pm ET as we count down the last few hours to August wipe. Here is a quick list of what to expect:


  • Zombies
  • Sedan races at Airfield (with Zombies)
  • More Zombies
  • Some heavy entertainment at Oil Rig
  • Probably even more Zombies
  • Launch Site  APC and Heli attacks (and Zombies)


Following the mayhem, admins will hand out the highly coveted glowing zombie eyes (and other essentials) as we assemble for our final event of this wipe -- a tour of the Scourge Homeless Shelter and the great WHIP DAY bonfire! It's an absolutely glorious sight to see.

All players are welcome to join us while we wait for the servers to wipe, even if Scourge is not your usual server. If you need help gearing up for the events, ask for an admin in game chat when you join. 

Also, keep in mind that there is still a ticket pending for the North of Dome sleeper issues, but nothing that we think will interfere with our wipe day party plans...




3:00 - Wipe

  • Player's choice of events until forced wipe hits and server restarts (pickle roulette, Admin versus player pvp, CH47 flights, more Zombies...)
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