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US-Scourge: Are You Smarter Than a (5th Grade) Zombie?


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Event will run Wednesday, August 7th (8pm ET)

In this interactive trivia games, participants face off in a blocked in 5x5 grid answering questions from one of 3 categories:  General Rust & Developer Trivia, RustEZ Community Trivia or Scourge Admin Trivia.  Each incorrect answer will send the player down a personal chute. Three wrong answers will land participants on the bottom floor and out of the game.

To participate in this event, players need Rust game audio and voice activity enabled.

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • The first 25 players to arrive and secure a trivia chute will play for prizes.
  • Players not in the game may choose to remain in the audience for "support" and RNG prizes.
  • Once all of the participant spots have been filled, hosts will start the game.
  • During the game, hosts go in order and each player will have 10 seconds to correctly answer a trivia question.

Game rounds continue until we have 3 players remaining to claim 1-3rd place prizes, based on the order they land on the bottom floor. There is one round of play with up to 25 players participating. Players who remain until admins close the event can claim a participation prize.


1st place: $10 RustEZ Store Credit
2nd Place: $5 RustEZ Store Credit
3rd Place: 3x Supply Signals to use this wipe

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Thanks all! Our first Trivia night ended with

1st Place: Wamp ($10 EZ Credit)
2nd Place: Dicko A La Mode ($5 EZ Credit)
3rd Place: Fastik (3x Supply Signals)


For those interested, here are the trivia questions used for tonight's game:


What was the original concept for Rust?
Initially it was created as a clone of the DayZ mod for Arma II

What is the name of company that developed Rust?
Facepunch Studios

What engine does Rust run on?

How many types of 5.56 rifle ammo are there?
3 (explosive, HV, incendiary)

Who is Helk?
Helk is the current lead developer on Rust.

Name one place where Diesel Barrels spawn.
The Dome, Oil rigs, The junkyard

What in-game item can be used as a food, a medical item or as a melee weapon?
Candy Cane Club

What weapon out of these 4 does the most damage? Python, AK47, Pump Shotgun or MP54A

Name one of the four functions the hammer can be used for.
Rotate, Upgrade, repair and pick up certain deployable items

When was the original Rust game released and available for purchase on Steam? (month/year)
December 11, 2013

What does an unloaded M249, with no attachments and full durability break down to in a recycler?
20 HQM, 3 springs, 3 gears, 1 rifle body

What were the original zombies from Legacy Rust replaced with?
Zombies were removed from the game and replaced with Red Bears and red Wolves.

When were Zombies removed from the original Rust Game?  (month/year)
February 2014

How many calories in a Rust Birthday Cake?

How many Steam achievements are there for Rust?

What is the first tool a player has access to as a fresh spawn on most servers?

What is the last monument to be added to Rust?
The Excavator Pit

When is forced wipe?
First Thursday each month

What event was released in Rust on April 19th, 2019?
Egg Hunt Event

What is the name of in-game holiday celebrated in December?

What does "EAC" stand for?

Name one other game released by Facepunch that is still considered active.
Garry's Mod, Chunks, Chippy, Clatter

According to RustLabs, what percent chance do players have of looting an M249 from a (Bradley) APC Crate?

What is the major side effect of using Anti-Rad pills?

What "dead" sandbox multiplayer FPS game by Facepunch featured Crime, Zombies and Drugs?

According to RustLabs, what percent chance do players have of looting an M249 from a Helicopter Crate?

Name one item that players can obtain from a Halloween Loot Bag.
Barrel Costume, Gravestone, Wooden Cross, Scarecrow Wrap, HQMl, Double Barrel Shotgun, 12 Gauge Buckshot, F1 Grenade, Small Candle Set, Large Candle Set

Name one of the 5 new Rust achievements released during the Steam Summer Sale
Save The Planet, I'm the Captain now, On The Deck, Giddy Up!, Something of a scientist myself

What item greatly increases the speed in which a player is able to collect eggs during the Egg Hunt event?
The Easter Basket

When do new skins get added to the Facepunch Steam Store?
Every Thursday


How many different "Event items" are available in the RustEZ store?

Name at least three of the admins on US Scourge
AlrightyThen, Aurora, Death, jacktapper, mackinnonandrew, Majin, RepeatPete, Syrvius, Smok3y420

What is the top selling item in the RustEZ store?
Supply signal

What is the second best-selling item in the RustEZ store?
Door closer

What is the highest amount donated in a single transaction to RustEZ?
$300 (Mass Gifts)

What is the record for most Pookies purchased in a single transaction?

In which of the RustEZ Discord channels should players post to when they need an admin?

Which RustEZ server has PvP?

Who owns the RustEZ servers?

Name one VIP perk that is available on all servers, excluding Pure.
Larger backpacks, instant crafting, no fuel for furnaces.

Name a mod that is available on Survival servers that is not found on Scourge.

How often can you promote yourself in the #general channel on the RustEZ Discord?
Once every 24 hours

Name one of two RustEZ Discord VIP channels that contain a Scourge Admin's name.
Aurora's Auratorium, Death's Shelf Touching

Where can players post a server bug report?
On the website (or https://www.rustez.com/bugs/)

How many RustEZ servers are there in total?

What sound does a RustEZ admin make when toggling vanish?

What is the name of the Player versus admin PvP event held on the Scourge and Pure servers?
Murder Maze

How many different color usernames are found on RustEZ servers?

How do players on any RustEZ server access important information and see a list of commands (if applicable) in-game?
Type /help in chat.

What is the rule for building on rivers on RustEZ servers?
There is none - players may build as they wish on rivers

What is the name of the website forum (or Discord Channel) where RustEZ staff members post events and news?

How do RustEZ community members enter giveaways in Discord?
React with 🎉 on the post

Name one of the three RustEZ staff members in a leadership role.
Death, Majin, Murfet

Name one of the RustEZ Staff members in a Supervision (Head Admin) role.
Aurora, Banecrusher, Ben, ScarletFox, tribrats, Trifeel, Witch Doctor

How many staff members does RustEZ have (across all servers and roles)

Where do players submit details related to issues/errors with RustEZ Store purchases?
Website Help Center (www.rustez.com/help/)

How do you bind a key to the VIP recycler?
bind <key> chat.say rec


Other than Rust, what game do nearly all US Scourge admins play?
Rainbow 6 Siege

Which Scourge admin used to be a dual-licensed funeral director and embalmer?

Who is the newest admin on US -Scourge?

When did the US Scourge server launch? (month/year is fine)
July 27, 2018

Which Scourge admin has over 1000 gallons of water in aquariums

What is the one exception to building in caves on US Scourge?
Players must allow safe passage.

Excluding Death, which Scourge admin has logged the most hours in Steam?
Aurora (~5600)

Who was the first head admin on US Scourge?

What is Alrightythens favorite in-game activity?
Scaring players

Which Scourge admin has a coffee tattoo?

Which Scourge admin has never drank coffee

Of the 9 US-Scourge Admins, how many are Canadian?

Which Scourge admin used to design and build haunted houses?

Which Scourge admin hates pumpkin pie?

What is mackinnonandrew's favorite sport?

In F1 console what are players instructed to type in order to correctly bind their backpack?
Bind b Backpack

Name the 3 RustEZ Scourge servers.
AU, EU and US

How many different RustEZ t-shirts are available on Scourge?

What is the nickname of the player-built town that appears on Scourge each wipe?

What was AlrightyThens first ingame name?

Which Scourge admin drinks Guinness beer?

Which Scourge admin thinks tomatoes are evil, but will eat anything made with tomatoes?

What is the name of the Scourge event where players chug pickles until they die?
Pickle Roulette (Rooftop Pickle Roulette)

What item will increase your chance of a successful cast by 10% when using the fishing pole on Scourge?
Boonie hat

What server did Aurora and mackinnonandrew meet on

Which Scourge admin has a pet hedgehog?

Which Scourge admin used to be an admin/co-owner of a popular GMOD server?

After wipe what is the first item mackinnonandrew spawns in for himself?
Miners hat

Which Scourge admin never watches live tv

Which Scourge admin hates the color yellow?

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