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US-Scourge Event: Death's Door/Kill-A-Watt Aug 15, 8pm


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Knock, Knock, Knockin'...
Thursday, August 15 @ 8pm ET

Do you have what it takes to make it on US Scourge's first-ever game show? In this gruesome game show, players are confined to their own space with their own respective doors. Each door is attached to a random numbered switch on the board. Players take turns picking a switch to try and "knock out" (eliminate) the other contestants. 

Choose wisely! You could very well pick your own door switch!

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • The first 12 players to successfully grab a seat will play for prizes.
  • Once all of the seats have been filled, hosts will start the game.
  • During the game hosts go in order and have players select a number 1-20 (that remains, of course) until everyone has been knocked out except for the final player.
  • Contestants are knocked out when the door behind them opens.

There is up to three rounds of play with 10-12 people each (depending on total number of event participants). Players waiting for a chance to claim a participant seat remain in the audience. During this event we will switch between Knockin' on Death's Door and Kill-A-Watt for each round of play. Players who win EZ store credit in one round are not eligible to win credit in another round ~ however in-game prizes will be awarded.

Fun fact:  Knocking on Death's Door is a server favorite and we run this game show event a couple times each wipe, changing the design, electrical setup and finding new and creative ways to eliminate participants who are knocked out. During the first Knocking event an over-excited contestant made it past the hosts and to the door control switch area. While the event ban for the player was lifted after 12 hours, all Knocking event builds now feature a caged audience area. ;)


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Kill-A-Watt Round 1
#1 Snowberries/TwistedZB #2 Manoh #3 NewPcWhoDis69

Kill-A-Watt Round 2
#1 isawhat #2 Manoh #3 Oct31

Knockin' on Death's Door Round 1
#1 ItsDevonToYou #2 Gwydiana #3 davej1701

Knockin' on Death's Door Round 2
#1 ansibomber #2 weardo98 #3 davej170


1st weardo98 - $10 EZ credit
2nd TwistedZB-  $5 EZ credit
3rd ItsDevonToYou - 3x Supply signals



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