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Rust PvE Server Events FAQ


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We host many different Rust PvE server events for players during each wipe.  These events are built by RustEZ admins and designed to scale for any number of players. Here is what you need to know about participating in our server events:

Player Event Commands

  • Type /event in game chat to join an event.
  • Type /event leave in game chat if you need to leave an event early.
  • Use "Respawn" from the death screen if you die while in an event.

How do I find out about Rust EZ PvE server events?
Event details are posted in the forums (usually in Announcements), in Discord (#Announcements) and announced in game chat.

How long do server events last?
Most server events run for an hour, so plan to be online for the duration, if possible. Some events (like building contests, photo contests or wipe challenges) may run for an entire wipe.  The announcement post will provide event-specific duration, rules and prize info.

What if the event is not on my usual Rust EZ PvE server?
Players are welcome to join any RustEZ server for an event-- even if it is not hosted on the server you usually play. If you win, you can redeem most prizes on any of our servers.

How do I join an EZ server event?
When the event starts, you will see a server message that includes the event name and instructions to type /event to join. Keep in mind:

  • Most server events require players to join with an empty inventory, clothing and hot bar. If the server uses the backpack mod, you will be unable to access your backpack during the event.
  • If an event requires you to bring your own gear, admins will provide details in-game chat, otherwise prepare to join the event nekkid.
  • Do not use the /event command when you are seated (chair, boat, minicopter, horse and so on). You cannot teleport while mounted.

What if I die during the event?
Click "Respawn" from the kill screen and you will return to the event start location. Do not use revive (modded servers) or respawn to a placed bed/bag if you are in an event. Only choose the Respawn option.

How do I leave an EZ server event?
When the event is over, admins will end the event and you will return to your previous in-game location.

If you need to leave an event early type /event leave in game chat. Do not leave an event using any other method (i.e. /tp or /home) as this may result in lost inventory items.

I Won! How do I get my prize?

  • Participation Rewards: When an event is ended by an admin, all participants can choose a reward from a prize selection screen.  If you used /event leave this award will not be available to you.
  • In-Game Prizes: After an event ends, admins will verify winners and deposit prizes in the player's inventory. If you play on another server, you will need to ask an admin on that server for the prize.
  • EZ Store Credits: If you win RustEZ store credits, we need your registered RustEZ username.  Log in to the website and reply to the event post on the forum (or visit the Staff page and send a PM to the admin who hosted the event) so we can make sure the EZ store credits are delivered to the correct player.


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