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RustEZ Scourge September Wipe Challenge: Zombie Snipers Wanted

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Think you have what it takes to earn the title of top Scourge sniper?

OBJECTIVE:  Capture the longest distance zombie kill with the L96 Rifle during September wipe. 

Players on all RustEZ Scourge servers (AU, EU and US) will have from the start of the new wipe on Thursday, September 05 to Wednesday, October 02 to submit their best shot.


1.    Upload a screenshot that clearly shows the hit in the kill feed.  No cropping or editing.
2.    Players must secure their own weapon and ammo to participate in the challenge.
3.    You can work in pairs/groups but only the player name shown in the kill feed can enter the screenshot.
4.    Yes, capturing and posting the kill feed screenshot is required (see #1). Combat logs are not accepted for this challenge.
5.    No cheating or being dishonest: You will be disqualified from this and all future monthly server challenges.

REWARDS (for October wipe):

  • First Place: 1x Supply signal, 1x L96 Rifle
  • Second and Third places: 1x supply signal
  • A random September Challenge participant will also win a supply signal, so be sure to post your best shot in this forum thread!

You may enter as many kills as you want to increase your chances at winning the RNG prize, however only your best distance will count for top 3 awards.


Winners are announced in this forum thread prior to the new wipe. If you win, simply ask an admin in-game for your prize, after the next forced server wipe.

GLHF! Even if it's not a winning shot, please feel free upload and share your kill feed attempts, screens of your sniper gear or sniper tower here for discussion!



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I took this picture last night. It's not a good distance but just wanted to make a post anyway. Also since zombies aren't called zombies anymore in the kill feed it's the best I can do for now.

au scourge zombie kill 233m.png

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Just a quick note for those who posted screenshots before the killfeed was updated, we will accept those screenshots for this challenge.

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I tried so hard but I just cant get 370. Ill have to try more this weekend IDK what it is but it seems like the render distance for the zombies is messed up. Sometimes I can hit like 350 m shots no problem and other times zombies un-render at like 250 m. I might just be doing something wrong but it just seems weird to me.

Also an edit. The SS I posted a couple hours ago is from Tuesday. I just didnt upload it until today because I had to leave. Thats why the kill feed is different This one is from today.


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