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Minicopter Debate


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Okay look. I see that you(Death) aren't into the idea of a command for players to spawn their own minicopters... but running around the map and wasting time looking for one is asinine. You sell car drops on your website. People can pay for a car delivered to their house. The thing has HORRIBLE driving mechanics, but is a tank and won't die unless you flip it or drive it into water. This is something no one else seems to find OP or a little much. Why not implement some way for someone to either have the /mymini command, OR buy 1 mini on the store that DOESN'T decay and cannot be flown by anyone but the person that purchased it + whoever is on their team(just like the purchasable car that's already on the website). Reducing the lifespan of them isn't going to fix anything. The problem lies with people hoarding them or trying to "sell" them back to players for in-game scrap. This fixes the problem without telling people how to play on your server(s). You earn additional money towards your server's upkeep, and people can have a heli of their own and not have to worry about hunting a heli down. Some people don't have all day to run around looking for a heli. I know I'm not the only one here who has a full-time job and doesn't have the time to screw around.

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Of course I'd buy one but is hard to implement becose it dosen't decay yet if you crash it you will want it back and someone will have to spawn it for you. You can't make it indestructible, I drove once a indistructible mini and that thing is insane. Maybe a daily /mini like /VIP might be reasonable but we already have so many game boosts, each player manages a clan base. Running down the street is a good ocasion to meet your neighbours and interact. You can team up with a couple of neighbours and share a minicopter shed also most times people are happy to fly you to a mini.

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