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Fishing System Overhaul


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  • Staff

The fishing system has been recoded to make it more immerseful and dynamic as well as improving performance.

Key Changes

  • Spear fishing has been removed to add more value to fishing poles.
  • You can now move around while casting.
  • New reel mechanic that requires input to catch fish.
  • Casting times are now dynamic.
  • Added splash animation when a fish is hooked.
  • Improved fishing pole durability system.
  • "Treasure chests" now appear as bags when caught.
  • Added new modifiers while fishing. +5 chance while sitting and +5 chance while wearing a boonie hat.


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on the last cast , if your fishing pole breaks , you have no way to real it in (dont know if thats intended or not but there it is)(i mean honestly i would just call it a guarnteed lost fish; working as intended.

Overall a better system; im curious if the admin store (in pookie builds) will account for the change in minnows.


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  • Staff

Ohh i like it. Any chance we can get different types of fish with random capture %. Thinking along the lines of a fishing derby that say only targets catfish one day or bass another. 


@sharla.windrider We will look into the minnow rates as wipe progresses. I am sure we can figure out something I am liking 100000 minnows to 1 snowball :) conversion but I am not good with maths.


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