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Quarry Rework

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Several changes and QoL updates have been released to make quarries more dynamic and to decrease their impact on the economy. These changes effect our Survival and Scourge servers while the drop chance reduction effect all of them including Pure.

Key Changes

  • Quarry output has been nerfed.
  • Mining level modifier added to quarry output that increases output based on owners level.
  • Players can now only deploy 3 (5 for Survival) quarries. This does not effect currently placed quarries.
  • New quarry level system implemented that allows players to increase capacity and production via the drum interface.
  • Quarries and survey charges can now be bought from the black market.
  • Quarries and survey charges added to Scourge supply drop tables.
  • Quarries drop rate reduced in supply drop tables.
  • Only authorized players can turn a quarry on or off.


The changes are to mitigate the economy impact, revalue lowgrade and other components as well as reduce the map clutter, especially mid to late wipe. The nerf to output can be countered by both your mining level and by upgrading your quarry.

Scourge and Quarries

This is the first time Scourge has had quarries so it's a rather difficult gamble to see how the community reacts to having such a game-changing device. It's important for our servers to experiment and try new things to maintain the edge we need to stay relevant.

I will be constantly balancing and revaluation aspects of these changes to ensure it fits the scope of our Scourge servers.

Preview (Prices not accurate)


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would be nice not to have to wall these. it takes resources and adds dead space to the build due to the wide block on placing building pieces. and it decreases frame rates due to all the extra building. a lock would be more appropriate. also its never secure even with a wall. someone can land with a copter and take all the stuff in it.

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As with most of the changes to mods I'm against such drastic changes.  I can understand the need to adjust things as time goes on but to change things to this degree changes the way I will need to play the game.  I don't use pipes and spend a large portion of my time mining.  I usually run 6 to 12 mines but they're not running constantly and their impact to the surrounding environment is minimal.  I place them to fit the area and would never just slam them in on an angle like so many I see.  With only 2 Sulphur and 2 HQM I will not have much to do.  I don't fence them in but after reading this maybe I should.  I know more frequent, smaller changes is more work.  I get that.  We all play this game differently.  I guess I'm just speaking up for those of us that play a lot.  Is that not a good thing for EZ?

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seems like it produced less then a level 0 quarry, but problem is the 100 sheet metal seems a bit high since you can only get it by road work or buying it from outpost which costs 3000 scrap for 100 sheet metal. in mean is you run 3 pumps and 3 quarry an take each to level 6  it would cost you 108,000 scrap for the sheet metal 18,000 more for the scrap needed   that seems way to much to get in a 30 days period and then to have to do it every 30 days.   Also 3 pumpjacks is ok but i buy 4 every wipe so your losing $3 a wipe from me buying 1 less and that is just from my lose purchase. could it not be up to 5.

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@igorcraven with quarry levels alone it gives +1 per level for output. +1 is literal so if you get 10 stone you'd get 11 at level 1, 12 at level 2 and 13 at level 3. These upgrades are really focused on the more rare metals. A quarry that gives 1 hqm per cycle would give 3 at level 3 which is huge.

The output is also increased based on your mining level. At level 100 output is almost doubled.

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