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US Regarding May Wipe

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I am unsure if this belongs here or not. Just a few questions regarding the next wipe in May.

1. Is there going to be a limit on horses the beginning of next wipe and throughout the wipe?
  >Is there going to be an adjustment on how many spawn? (Let's be real, 40 isn't enough.)
2. Is there going to be a limit created for mini choppers and scrap heli's next wipe? (There are WAY TOO MANY)
3. Is there a limit for how many zombies are spawned? (There's a lot, I think it's lagging the server?)
4. Is there going to be a build limit added? TC limit? (Too many buildings = A lot of lag.)

There's gotta be a way to get the server to run faster. It's killing me to have 27 FPS when I have a new gaming computer and high speed internet. (500 mb)
Surely some of this adjustments, if not others, can help make it at least 30 FPS faster...

Love you all! Hope you have a good one!

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1) No, but their dung protection will be increased.
2) Yes
3) Way too many as far as players using them or them being spawned in the wild?
4) No, the lag is from garbage collection which will be fixed next wipe. We did change inactive time from 14 days to 10 days which will greatly help to clean up abandoned bases.

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First of all, Thanks for the reply!

Way too many minichoppers as far as them being spawned in the wild. I'll go down the road collecting, get like 7 and there will be 7 more on the way back.
Also, I honestly think garbage base cleanup should be 7-8 days. One week of not playing is kind of silly unless you are on vacation or something? But why would you build a huge base and collect a bunch of stuff if you know you are going on vacation within the next 3 days? It doesn't make sense.


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7-8 days is hard for people who went  away on vacation to maintain their base, a lot of complaints would come there.

I know currently people should be staying home, but in normal times that time frame doesn't work.

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