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State of the Island Address

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First off, I'd like to apologize for the awful performance this month. There were issues with the latest Unity version that required Facepunch to disable incremental garbage collection for Linux machines.

Because of this, garbage collection runs more frequently and processes more data than it should. This is causing the intermittent lag spikes and rubber banding. We've exhausted our efforts in trying to bandaid this issue to no avail. Facepunch already has a fix but we'll likely not see it implemented until next forced wipe on May 7th.


We've doubled the horse population in an attempt to quell horse hoarding. It's not currently possible, but we plan to increase dung production by default to help this going forward.

Water Catchers

Although this does not effect the server in terms of performance, we've doubled water production for all catchers to help keep the clutter down. This applies to all catchers regardless of when they were placed.


We've identified issues with quarries output harboring invisible stacks. If your quarry seems to not be producing a specific resource, or not at all, use loot all, if available on your server, to reveal said stacks.

A fix will be implemented very soon.

My Activity

I apologize for my recent activity and tentativeness to bug reports these last few days. I shifted some of my attention to the public development scene to supplement income due to the current economical crisis. 

I've also been working hugely in the background to improve core features and functionality that I plan to start rolling out very soon, within the next month or two.

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Today's update (05/07/2020) will re-enable incremental GC and add improvements to held entities to address performance issues we experienced in April.

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