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US Scourge Event : Top Gun

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Feel the Need for low grade speed!

1 Gunner, 1 pilot.   Do you have what it takes to dominate the competition and rule the sky’s.  Or will you be just another fly-boy landing short of the deck.

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • When the staging area door opens, players must stand near a mini-copter (1 gunner, 1 Pilot).
  • Teams will try to be the last alive.   AA guns active at admins discretion
  • The last team standing when everybody else has fallen are the round winners.
  • There will be multiple rounds of play (to be determined based on total number of event participants).
  • You may choose to run, hide and avoid contact with other teams and attempt to be the last team alive. You may also choose to fight like your life depended upon it

Event Times:

Sat June 13:  8 pm EST (After Heli)


  • All event participants will receive in-game event rewards at the end of the event.
  • All players who become top gun will win one in game prize (supply signal, to be determined based on total number of event participants)
  • Round winners must meet one of the following: Last team to land on the deck or be the last to be killed by the AA gun.



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