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Re: US Pure : OXUM

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Regarding admins interfering with players gameplay, I have witnessed this first hand on many occasions. Have had admins look like they are on some kind of power trip to my friends.

Was trying to take heli on Sunday the same day of Oxum ban, on EU Survival

I aggroed Heli it turned towards me and someone was on top on launchsite fighting it afterwards when I checked why it wasn't coming. I am not sure how you can can fight heli without godmode, on the roof of the very tall building... they logged in not long before heli was out.

I have a tendancy to take screenshots of what I can, I have plenty of them on my old computer that is unglugged. Didn't intend to release this screenshot, but it's  areply to the comments made on the previous thread. This will most likely be deleted or me banned from RustEZ I guess. I have erased the other admin's name as he is not part of the conversation but Granny is.



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Oh wow that must be something unexpected for you, Admins, because you've said there is no evidence of you competing for loot, right?

Thank you for speaking out, aNoNiM! I am hoping this message gets to real business owner and they get rusty admin organization fixed!

See how quickly they closed my appeal topic. No one else's topic got closed by admins. It is clear they realize what sort of little dirty business they are running here. You wanted a free money out of naive gamers? I am not going away, but making all the screenshots so be sure nothing is lost.

So lets get back to my appeal.
Here is the server rules as of today:


Here is your reasoning about the ban

Lets take this one by one:
1. You have not provided evidence that I have a habit of camping loot. First you have to define 'camping of loot'. Camping means waiting for loot ahead of spawn and rush to get it first, right? So you have to prove what monuments where camped and that I was having habit be there ahead of re-spawn, you've said you have all logs.
2. Patrol helicopter is none of loot room, monument or highly concentrated area. The Attack Helicopter is an event in Rust, occurring about once every 2-4 hours. Yes I love Brad and Patrol helicopter but that by itself is not enough for you to ban, even if you want it too.
3. Yes I am allowed to play as long as don't breach the rules, and I do not feel obligated to comply with your 'learning server' appeal. 
4. Toxicity, Disrespect, and refusal to cooperate with the Admins - I am open to your evidence. And so why would you expect me to cooperate after a strong evidence that you are an overpowered player that is in conflict with other player for gaming experience? Do you really expect obedience based on your green title?

Again, I actually appeal to the real business owners, not admins. In case I need to explain my financial institution the reason for money refund in occurrence of service violation.

Thank you everyone for looking and supporting this thread!

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@OXUM We have no "business owners" and admins are total law for our servers. If you have concerns or doubts of how they handle a situation feel free to contact anyone in leadership https://rustez.com/staff

@aNoNiM Thanks for your input. We will come together as a team and get to the bottom of this to prevent any further issues down the road!

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@Oxum, I cannot speak for your actions, but I was a bit offended by the comments made by admins. And felt I had to interject. I document some of the incidents in chat, the no clipping battling etc. 

I have said in the past that one of the reasons I don't play on US Survival was because of a few players, but the deciding event was an admin talking to one of my friends in voice chat. We didn't use Video recordings then. But some nasty stuff was said, I considered that admin a friend before that. I heard both sides of the conversation because my firend had a checkemark in his discord that would playback his game sound including his voice chat. That admin even asked me for my sulfur since I hadn't logged in to US survival for like a week after that, I then logged in and moved it from my quarries. Back then I would play all wipe on that server, was logging the most hours. It made me explore other servers. including other RustEZ servers. I don't play on that particular server because of that admin.

I regret not video recording but I normally dont record my heli battles, only if someone tried to steal my loot now. But I may start recording from my intention to so heli, waiting, and agroing. and if I can see battle. It looked suspicious to me, because of where it was rocketing, and I was thinking admins were fighting until I saw the logs of it dyeing. 

Edited by aNoNiM

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@aNoNiM If you feel an admin has done an injustice please feel free to reach out to me personally either through private message or on Discord.

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