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Banned AU Survival - P90 GOD

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Offender: P90 GOD (https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/135027744)
Server: AU Survival
Time: 0100 AEST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing, Saltiness to admins and nuisance to other players
More Info:
Player continued to disregard admins concerning the 3 reasons above please see battlemetrics notes.
ABourgeat at 19/07/2020 8:22 PM Muted for 15 mins for toxicity towards admins and other players

Postanou at 25/07/2020 10:26 PM Entered another player's base without permission and logged off inside. A warning was sent by Elixil3

ABourgeat at 26/07/2020 12:48 AM Warned again for attempted griefing/building very close to another players base

Demon's Base (Original).png

P90 GOD 1st built next to Demon.png

P90 GOD 2nd build next to Demon after requested to move elsewhere.png

P90 GOD in WooKiE_MaN Base.png

Disregard of rules, toxic to admin - Copy.png

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