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AU Survival Event: End of Wipe Rusty Grand Prix


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Do you have motor oil running through your veins? Love the smell of exhaust fumes? Or just have the drive for fun? Well join us on AU Survival for our Last Rusty Grand Prix Sprint for this wipe, we are also ramping things up so the prizes are better.

This is a dash to the finish, first one to make it around the racetrack (ring road) and passes through all checkpoints wins. But hang you did not think it would be that easy, did you? Well only the skilled will come out in front with carefully placed obstacles for you to hit “avoid” shaking up the whole race.

When is it?

Sunday August 30rd @ 1 pm AEST


First Place:                  $10.00 EZ Store Credit

Second Place:             $5.00 EZ Store Credit

Third Place:                 1 x Large Present & 3 x Supply Signals

Rules of engagement:

·       Positions will be randomly assigned

·       You must stick to the ring road (do not cut corners)

·       You must pass through all 12 checkpoints to qualify for reward

·       Leaving your vehicle is not permitted

·       We will supply the rust buckets for you to drive

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