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US Servers - Technical Issues Oct 2nd

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I want to give a follow-up and explain more in detail the issues that lead to our US server's extended downtime during maintenance.

As we attempted to release map updates to address monument puzzles and terrain issues, we also updated a 3rd party extension needed to handle such puzzles and loot spawns.

The extension was botched and prevented entities from being spawned during server startup. This lead to the save file being wiped once the server saved, causing a total loss of data.

The data was recovered, which is the reason the downtime was longer than expected. All player data has been restored without rollback. Pure, however, did experience a 3-4 hour rollback on blueprints.

Virtual quarry instances also suffered due to this technical issue, and we were unable to restore off a backup. We encourage players to use public quarries with caution until all the quirks are worked out.

Additionally, some backpacks on modded may have reset under unknown circumstances. Most backpacks seem intact, however. If you were one of the few who experienced this and lost store items as a result, please submit a ticket at <https://rustez.com.help>.


We cannot directly reimburse any item lost due to the above issues as we have no way of confirming who had what.

So instead, we've created a coupon code for everyone, including our EU and AU servers, to claim on our website for a free supply signal as a sorry for this inconvenience.

Use coupon code SORRY at checkout for 100% off a supply signal.

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