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Virtual Quarries


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Virtual Quarries give players their own individual instance of the public quarry, natively found in Rust. When using a virtual quarry instance, the input and output containers are unique to you. Multiple players can use a public quarry at the same time; however other players are not able to see or interact with your instance during operation.

Virtual quarries are available on all RustEZ servers and replace player-placed quarries, which are removed from the game.

Public quarries are marked on the game map (i.e. Stone Quarry, Sulfur Quarry and HQM Quarry). You do not need to do anything different to utilize the virtual container:

1. Locate a public quarry on the map
2. Place low-grade in the input container
3. Collect the stone/ores from the output container
4. There is no need to start the quarry; it will run automatically when you place fuel.

Previous issues with virtual quarries from October wipe are now resolved.

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