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I made a distasteful joke and was banned

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To be fair- if I may add, we haven't played on pc in over 6 months. we really enjoy this server and had no knowledge of the change of rules! we usually only play on your servers. 


(yes,  I do understand now there is a zero tolerance after reading some of the other threads here, but we had zero knowledge of said rules prior to logging in since 6 months ago.) 

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Describing what you did as a "distasteful joke" is a really far stretch.

6 months ago there was zero tolerance for racism, 1 year ago there was zero tolerance for racism, and to the best of my knowledge there has ALWAYS been a zero tolerance for racism on the RustEZ servers. 

This ban will remain in effect for the specified time

Please not that there is no safe harbor for here for that type of behavior and will not be tolerated 


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