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Death to Twig


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That first week of wipe, you can almost hear the sweat dripping from players throwing up builds, farming materials or taking heli with SARs behind a stone external wall. Fast forward a week, and suddenly the vast expanse is becoming riddled with twig builds. Third week into wipe, you're now playing in a hobo town; twig shanties litter the countryside. 

I'd like to recommend a more aggressive approach to this blight upon the map. 

Twig should decay at it's normal pace, despite there being materials in the TC. Upgrade to at least wood or be gone hobos!


Change my mind.



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Facepunch has been working on the way twig draws, which is totally diff than the way a wood, stone, or metals wall is basically "skinned" but the entity count of twig is ridiculous. Not sure where they are with this in commit changes currently. I have played on several servers that don't allow twig to the extent of an auto-upgrade to wood on building which is cool. There is always complaints but really how hard is it to get wood, the easiest mat in the game....  you will pay for wood in the build one way or another anyway so make it auto.  Just my humble opinion     🍺

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Yes this is absolute aids... twig should be rid of  if it hasn't been upgraded certain amount of time, it's upkeep should be higher so that decay will kick in sooner, faster and harder!!! People lately been starting to use that shit to grief others too. Servers get laggy af...

And it should definitely be applicable to all, regardless whether player has VIP or not, that's just nonsense.

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My little monolog. I had just started playing RustEz Scourge after a wipe on the vanilla Rust Ez Pure both US. I bought the VIP and built a small 2x2 by a river preparing to grow hemp. I have terrible connection due to being on hotspot, so at times must logout and wait till later. After I built my base I bought the VIP to quickly store my paid for 5x supply drops. Since my hotspot was acting hot I decided to go get materials for my base. After multiple disconnects I decided to wait two hours. When I returned my base was gone, so of coarse I ask where about or what could have happened. A player had responded "DeathToTwig" which in terms brought me here. No one should suffer unnecessary loss on these PVE servers. Have not gotten in discord to ask bosses how or what happened I am also very new as this is my first post. No offense met just simply giving a perceptive view to the new Twig VIPs who come in mid wipe.


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