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The developers just screwed us!


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The developers have set a trend recently of re-releasing items in the store that they've previously sold. Snow machine was one, but they were selling it for roughly the same price it was in the marketplace so it didn't matter. Today they overstepped the line. 2 weeks ago i bought the large fireworks for £13.50 and at the 31st dec is was £19 in the marketplace. They've put it back in the store for £7.50  today instantly wiping the value from the market place. 

How can we continue to trust these Devs now? what item will they do this to next? 

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I don’t particularly believe this is the place to rant or vent frustrations.

facepunch are known to re-release items, festive or not.

it’s down to the consumer to work out if the item is worth purchasing. 
RustEZ is a community of servers and not a recognised Facepunch affiliate. Your best bet at venting frustrations is at Facepunch themselves. 

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Yep, I agree it is annoying if you aren't familiar with the system. While it doesn't help you in this case as you already made the purchase, often in-game craftable items are re-released with the respective holiday updates each year. If close to the time, it's always worth waiting to see if they appear in the Rust store and saving the marketplace purchase on these types of items until well after the holidays when you don't want to wait months to get it in-game. 😞

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