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5 hours ago, aNoNiM said:

Probably shouldn't rename other people's bags regardless of racism or not. It's annoying as heck that people do that to begin with. Do that on vanilla servers.

Put a bag down that has Oxim's or something and people rename it to something else

yeah true, didnt really thought it trough although it was a friends bag.

I just hope I can play on this server again, seemed fun for the 3 hours I played there.

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Good afternoon,

I'm willing to remove this ban this once due to no previous history of bad behavior however we don't accept this kind of language and clearly it's in the system for a reason.
Please don't use any of this foul language again or rename anything to anything foul. We have rules and please follow them.

Ban has been lifted and you should be able to join within now and 30 minutes.

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