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Banned for "racism"

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Good day,

To start of, in what right mindset is any of the following you post inside of a note like this even remotely using your common sense:image.png.bd6cf188617279fd1b0464fecbe21f8b.png

You expect us to not ban you for putting down "White power" in your notes? This is a multicultural server of many people and races that we are all accepting. However we can't just simply let players like you make notes like this and get away with it. I don't care if it's from a book, a movie, a script or even a series. It's blatantly racist and we don't like that.
So your "drawing signs" seems off and clearly is a lie. Please use your brain and be a normal person. We don't condone this and we never will.

Hope you enjoy whatever server you will join next and hope this is a note to you to make sure that you use your common sense there. That way this won't have to repeat itself.

Kind regards,

EU pure staff team

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