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Ban appeal


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Let me tell you a little story how i got banned.


I joined my friend on the server to play with him, teleported to his base and he was making changes to the base to give me access to everything.

He also had a car and he handed me the keys telling me not to lose em. To not get the keys confused i thought to myself: "hey, i should make this key note recognizeable for me".

And so, a super megaminded genius i am, i typed into the notes: "The key of n-word dreams" and got banned.


I wont type anything racist, sexist or anything into the notes ever again if i get unbanned. Im sorry

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We should not have to "warn" people that racism is wrong and not acceptable.  Racism in any space where our PvE community participates is not tolerated. Rules are clearly displayed to every person who joins our community of servers. 

Your ban will not be lifted.

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4 hours ago, RepeatPete said:

very funny lol GIF

No racism doesn't equate to racism is ok if it's only with friends or hidden. It literally means none. Then the problem becomes worse that if someone stands up for the individual doing it, then they must see excuses for the behavior themselves.

 He broke the rules without excuse and in no shape i think racism hidden or not is okay. All i want is to point out the intent on his infringement and foremost that he's sorry.

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