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Green Dragon Banned US Pure

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@Green Dragon you sure you weren't blocked for threatening to "take down the whole EZ" or "I can go blackhat" if you don't get a reason for your ban? Which btw, had been provided already. You got banned from Discord because you posted in #general that you would "ensure EZ has 70%+ downtime going forward."

Threatening our community and its members will not be tolerated. I have refunded every single contribution you've made to our community. Good luck out there.

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First, a refund of 4.33$ (want a screenshot?) doesn't match up to the hundreds I've spent. So, bad fib thus farm let's see where it goes. I got banned from Dicord for a reasonable cause, won't deny that. Howver, getting babnned from the pure server based on a sreenshot that is multiple days old (I've proof) is a bit tyranous


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Please explain using old chats and evidence, more than 3 days, as current evidence. I don't fucking get it. To continue, if you're gonna be so strng with your untrustwithty doctrinate, use real evidence. Nothing happened today but slightly aghresvire in gwme chat. This staff dialogue is from before. I'll gladly be GONE, if you actually refund me

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@sullivan since you're watchign congrats on early deletion but it's not over. Wish the higher ups knew you were lying about me.. wonder what other lies they'd catch you on. I'm not oblivioius on Discord nor am I stupid irl just because I'm drunk. Would have been better to just usher me out. Now I'll be back periodically ow ruin shit... oh wait,. probanly how you and north saw it anywas. Btw Death do'n't tell me u gave me a refund when i've got 30 airdrops sitting in a box, still the smount of money on my car and got 4$ back. Do a refund or don't, idc, but dont tell me tyou refunded my purchases when u do 4$ out of 300$ just to be fancy

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Rebates showed up, thanks. Let me just say that the ban "screenshot," was from a prior offense. I don't care if you believe me. Me and the wretched spawn you've chosen as admin both know it is. Or perhaps you know and don't care. 

But even the real world has a statute of limitations. Way to ban me on a dialogue made an entire week ago.

Was nice while it lasted, hope everyone can amke the best of their time.. though I know Karma acts swiftly.. maybe in the form of Snorlaxing a whole box. Who knows anymore. Liars are weird.

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Strange the first comments are towards a non-admin player named Jim, second set (screenshot is from a prior offense.)

As much as you'd like people to grow up, providing false evidence via emotion is being childish. Maybe if you want grown tenants, rules need to grow themselves. This is an anjust ban that I will accept, but by the rules and declaration of this report, this is false.

Enjoy the ever-swaying community, to be real. 

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