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Ban Appeal: Racism

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I put the N word on a sleeping bag on my first 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay on the RustEZ Survival PvE server. I know what i did was obviously stupid on my part. I honestly wish i hadn't done that now because the 1 server i find that i can make new friends and hopefully learn the game more. Most likely wont get unbanned. Sincere Apologies...

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There is an absolute zero tolerance policy for racism on RustEZ servers.  So much so that it is an instantly banable offense through filtering.  Rules are clearly displayed on the server description. Rules are also displayed by default upon logging into the server for the first time, and each time the server wipes anew. By joining the server and clicking continue on the login page, you agreed to abide by said rules. Unless overridden by a higher authority, the ban will remain in place.  

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There are no safe spaces for racism on RustEZ servers. 
This is clearly displayed when you enter any of our servers.
When a word is used that has such negative connotations, it's never alright.
The ban remains.

We wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavors. 


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