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Banned (All Servers): dragonzz


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  • Staff

Offender: dragonzz (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: All
Time: 2021-01-19 9:59 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Racism, Disrespect, Harassment & Trolling

Additional Info:




  • Disrespect of specific players, our PvE rules and our PvE community
  • Mocking players in game voice

Harassment & Trolling

  • Bullying players to ruin their time on our servers
  • Trolling players

More Info:

3:55 PM 2021-01-16 dragonzz: from now on i catch you i drop you from 100,000 feet

3:26 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: i am selling lfg

3:26 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: sorry not to you

3:27 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: as a player i can sell my stuff to who i want

3:27 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: i earnt it it is mine

3:28 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: i reserve the right not to sell to those i do not like

11:40 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: really CUT THIS TOWER BACK

11:40 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: CUT IT BACK

11:41 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: this guys tower is 8 by 9 and over 15 stories

11:43 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: you where asked to cut it back

12:06 PM 2021-01-09 dragonzz: sarge is nice not like that area hog oobob

12:49 PM 2021-01-09 dragonzz: ok there is some beach front real estate on the island i am on i just released

12:49 PM 2021-01-09 dragonzz: open to all but oobob



Battlemetrics logs of player harassment at above position on the map available upon request.

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yes what i said in discord was wrong  was first time i let thing get to me an said something wrong  i admit my mistake and told those there i was wrong     as for the lgf  i was selling it just did not want to sell to someone i did not get along with and just made that clear to them   for the tower thing amon had a large area in the swamo with amny buildings i asked nicely at first to pls cut back he reused and gove me an aditude yes looking back i could have handled it better, he has been asked by more then one admin to cut back and had ripped off a player of resources over the area too.  as far as oobob  i go to way out areas to avoid people like him when he was asked to remove his huge wall cause of server crashes he responded by  I took down my wall cause dragonzz is mad cause it was bigger then his "other word for penis"  so no i did not and would never want to assoc with him.  so yes i made some mistakes, but have also helped alot of players more then my mistakes.   

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  • Staff

Our rules regarding player disrespect and harassment apply to all, and admins are held to a higher standard in these matters. I agree that you have helped players on the server, however, being helpful to some doesn't lessen the impact to the players you chose to belittle, harass and troll. 

Racism is also not tolerated in our community and this ban will not be lifted.

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