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BANNED lilttle brotha named Sleeping bag N word

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January 23rd. My user Zmelgares has gotten banned because of racism. I let my little brother on my account to gather scrap and wood for me while I was on a little vacation. He says he named my  sleeping bag the N word and immediately got my account banned, I am furious because of all the hours I spent on your PVE server . I’m requesting a UBA/UnBan. I was so dedicated to your servers I was gonna buy VIP. I know you guys will do what’s right please Un Ban Zmelgares 

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Sleeping Error
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Hello ZMelgares,

You are responsible for your own account, regardless of who you allow to use it. So even if it was your little brother using your account, the responsibility to follow the rules ultimately remains in your hands. I'm inclined, however, to believe this wasn't actually someone else using your account since I can see from your logs that you've been naming bags inappropriate names/names purposefully trying to bypass the racial ban filter since you first joined the server 4 days ago. It should not take a ban to remind someone to be a decent human being and avoid using racial slurs, however I hope this serves as an important lesson for whichever server you move onto next because this behavior is absolutely not tolerated on any of the RustEZ servers, as shown on the connect page every time you join. Your ban will not be lifted.


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