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So, after plenty of (I don't want to call it begging, but that's 100% what it was) from my friends and others, I'm on Scourge now.

And my first impressions are pretty damn good.

I have to preface this with 'Thank f*** I started with Pure.' But, beyond that, Scourge has been awesome so far. I love the zombies, they're walking lootbags of putrid meat. Kill one and the loot is eh, kill a hundred and have a recycler at the ready, and suddenly, life is awesome. The quality of life improvements are INCREDIBLE. From painting signs with actul images (and not waiting 4+ hours for Rustangelo), to having 60k LGF in the HQM quarry already, it's just night and day. I can miss two or three days in a row and come back, and not have lost *that* much progress. We'll see how long it takes me to get set up and find a role, but with /home, who knows if there's a need for heliuber on Scourge.

To those on US Pure I'll miss, well, I'll miss y'all, but I don't think I'll have reason to swing by that much. Maybe I will, if I ever hate myself enough to not have 10x stacks.

To those on US Scourge, bring it on. Ghosts have already crashed into my house with a scrap, what's the worst the rest of y'all can do?

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