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Banned AU Pure: O4f Tony Montana


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Offender: O4f Tony Montana (Steam) (Battlemetrics)
Server: AU Pure
Time: 4:30pm AEST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Abusing an admin

More Info:

Player had been approached by me regarding his base being very large and causing lag in the area. Had requested that the base be brought down in size and upgraded if possible as it was a very large twig structure. Player is from Argentina and was having language difficulties understanding / comprehending what was asked and logged out.

Player was playing with another player who he was teamed with. This player proceeded to remove the base as he understood the issues with it, and was going to discuss with this player.

Player then logged back in today and proceeded to abuse myself for his base being gone. Repeated attempts were made to get him to speak to his team-mate about it (in Spanish as well via Google Translate by another admin) as he was also on - but he proceeded to continue to throw abusive comments to myself instead.

We let this go as long as possible as there was an initial issue with understanding the problem initially discussed - but after 10 mins of this continuing despite attempts to resolve the issue we had no choice but to implement a ban as abusing admins (or any player for that manner) is not acceptable.

Logs of comments made and attempts to discuss with him are available upon request.

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First I want to apologize to adman and frito and thank that at the time of the incident, they were willing to communicate with me using a translator knowing the communication and interpretation problems that I was experiencing At the time I was upset and interpreted that the effort in the construction was in vain, even so, my behavior was wrong, I am new to this game and as time passes, I am learning about the mechanics and how the actions that one does they can affect server performance. I apologize again and my behavior will be different if I get the opportunity to return. Thanks to the stuff

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Hello Tony,

I have reviewed your appeal, and discussed the incident with Adman. At this time, I am prepared to lift the ban on the basis that you have apologised, and show genuine remorse.

I would like to make clear that admins are not there to harass, bully, or single you out. Adman was trying very hard to communicate with you in a polite way the issue with your base. I understand you are new and just trying to experiment.

Please be respectful to all admins in the future. If this happens again, the ban will be put back in place.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in game 🙂


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