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Appealing a mute


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 I follow the rules of the rustez servers.  Last wipe I found myself without direction until Sam kindly pointed me to the FAQ.  

This enabled me to play the game according to the rules of the server.  

Now I find that most of the players have not read the rules, and make up all kinds of rules to suit their gameplay.  Specifically in relation to loot from Bradley, and the attack heli.

The rule that Sam pointed me to was in the FAQ, and is under the title of "can I call dibs".  This cleared the matter up for me as it makes sense on a busy server.


Now Granny, or OB, has muted me for defending my position in chat.  I am a VIP, and as such, I get special VIP chat commands and bonuses which I cannot now use.

I would appreciate it if you would stop siding with the group of players who do not follow the rules, and disparage me in local chat.  I am acting on the advice of an admin, not a bunch of players who want the rules to be something that they are not.

Thank you.

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