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I made a mistake on PURE rust ez

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Ok I will really learn from this mistake and due to i didn't know One was mad about the trap thing we didn't realize it was close to are base I love the sever way to much with my friends for this to happen and I don't want to get people mad over the rejoin i didn't want to cause fighting over this whole thing I have really respect for this sever if One talked to us about the trap for loot base grabbing i would totally fix this all over agian and this whole thing was a mistake we went to go fix it but the admins would of thought we were doing this meaning to if he would of talks to us we would of fixed it but he wanted to call a admin straight away

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I highly recommend you two make a reasonable effort at an appeal (on separate threads) if you're truly adamant about having your bans lifted. I will not be a deciding factor, and I cannot guarantee your bans will be lifted, but just asking to be unbanned is not going to cut it.

Take responsibility and admit your fault and develop an argument on how you'll improve your behavior to align with our community standards.

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