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I am Sorry. Funee Monkee

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I am still learning how to be a tolerable young adult. I feel like I can grow in this environment around other adult's by showing them respect and earning theirs. I know I have received several warnings about my behavior. I am not proud to of my actions  in this regard, I would like a final opportunity to prove I can be a respectable and respectful young man.  I will respect peoples space and not interfere with their experience. I will take responsibility  anyway you see fit. I admit I was wrong by making it more difficult to traverse through his property. I also should of not encouraged Jay to remain on OneOutYou's property. While I didn't do that directly I did so by just moving in with him. 

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Thank you for taking the time to resubmit your appeal. 

Admins typically allow players three opportunities to learn from their mistakes, you were on your sixth in just 2 months of playing on our server. Your first warning and last warning were for the exact same type of offense. During your second-to-last warning, you attempted to lie your way out of the issue and you initially attempted to do so again here in the forums during your first appeal.


Taking all of this into consideration it’s very difficult to trust that you have in fact learned the errors of your ways and will change. At this time, your ban will remain in place. If you’re determined to play on our servers again, I suggest you take a couple months to really reflect on the behavior you’ve shown here and resubmit an appeal at a later date. Something all of us have to learn at one time or another is that actions have consequences and part of being an adult is owning up to your faults and accepting those consequences; it’s unfortunate that things had to escalate to a ban, but we have been left no other choice at this point. I hope this serves as a great learning opportunity and wish you luck in your future rusty endeavors. 


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