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I'm Sorry For What I've Done.

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Offender: I_Simp_For_Belle (Steam)
Time: N/A
Length: Permanent
Reason: Racism & Stealing.

Offender spotted another players garage door open and took advantage of it. Offender stole guns, ammo, clothing, scrap, etc. About 2-4 days later offender climbed to roof of the same players base via tall structure and found a ladder leading inside. Offender proceeded to steal similar items from players inventory. The next morning the offender received a warning and acknowledged it. About a day later offender found an abandoned car and messaged team chat saying "found some goodies" as soon as message was sent offender was kicked and banned.

Offender saw a notice board and decided to draw an Australian Aboriginal flag thinking it would help out the servers reputation. In the warning mentioned prior there was a section that notified the offender that an aboriginal flag is seen as "political content." Offender thought that was only because it was on a notice board and decided to put up anther aboriginal flag above offenders home.

I can see how what I've done is wrong and promise not to commit these offences again. I wish the ban be taken down from permanent to a few months, I do realise I'm not in the position to demand anything but its what id appreciate because I have friends that play on the server and I would like to join them. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart and promise to never commit these offences again. Yours Truly, Sonny Joe Meehan (I_Simp_For_Belle)

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Hi Sonny,

Thank you for tanking the time to go through the appeal process.

I have reviewed the incidents, and your appeal. You have however missed the racist joke you told in public chat, which you were also spoken to about. I am also concerned that when you logged onto the server & received the warnings, you began to check the doors, outdoor furnaces, etc. of other player bases pretty much as soon as you left your base. I know as I was watching you and your friend loah do this. You even tried the door on an admin base. This continued until I observed you stealing from, and loah taking another player's vehicle. There was no show of remorse or restraint in your attempts to steal, especially after just receiving a warning for such behaviour. Your final act that caused me to take action was the moment I appeared, you both pretended to be afk, even when moments before you were running around.

I'm sorry, but I will not be lifting the ban at this time. Best of luck in the future.

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