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Banned for speaking up

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Samakeen banned me for toxicity and admin abuse I mean sure I swore  a bit and slipped out the s word accidently which happens when people are upset, it started when I was waiting for garrison to spawn and it spawned so I started flying which I new it spawns along the east coast but when I called "taking Garrison" then someone said they are already there because they were camping and knows where the different garrisons spawn. I haven't done it once and really have been wanting to for while but these people do it all day. When I got there I said "don't you have anything to do with your life" and he replied with "admin the kids here again. so if someone can please get in contact with me please I would like to discuss this issue or I want to have this admin removed she is not admin material because picking sides is not what an admin should do. I am available around 5:30 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

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Toxicity & abuse is not something that ever will be tolerated in the RustEz community.

Multiple times prior to the above incident you were told in voice, in chat, and were present on the servers for PSA's, that server events cannot be called dibs on. I understand you want to enjoy these events - so does everyone else on the server. There is nothing stopping you from participating with other players, and you have been told as much. Each prior time youve been advised, you responded with toxicity, for example telling me to "shut up" for letting you know of server rules, and abusing the other player in voice.


In the above ban incident, another player was already taking Garrison by the time you arrived. Instead of talking to them & seeing if you could tackle it together, you started once again abusing them & being incredibly toxic so you were temp muted. Despite your harassment & abuse of the other player, they still offered to share:


Your response to this was to place a TC, attempt to grief the other player by blocking access (to the crates they said you could have), and after an unmute, extend your aggression to chat:




For the above you received a kick, to hopefully give you time to cool off. When you returned, I came to speak with you to let you know that given your prior toxicity, this was a final warning prior to receiving a ban. Your response to this was to hurl abuse at me in voice, including but not limited to "fuck off slut".

This behaviour is not going to be tolerated in our community in any way.


You have been given many opportunities by the community as a whole to address your behaviour. This ban will not be lifted. Please use this ban time to consider how you intend to interact with others on the server moving forward.

When you return, it will need to be as a part of the community. You will need to share events, exactly as they are intended. You will need to treat others with respect.


Additionally - You messaged me asking me to move resources to your TC during your ban period. This is not something admins assist with, so no, I will not be doing this.


 - Samakeen.

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