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Re-appeal For Ban

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Hello RustEZ staff, I have gone over this multiple times for the past couple of days and respectfully, I do not agree with the initial decision of rejecting my ban if I could please explain. After going over bans and durations I have to wonder why a player who is telling people to hang themselves and calling people a B****, literally telling people to kill themselves in a public chat  (reference: "Banned from US Survival Phoenix - Ban/Mute Appeals - RustEZ") Why this is a 3 day ban?? It clearly states ● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism or harassment. I wrote a note (which I was under the impression was private i'm new to rust) which didn't even leave my inventory, meant to be sent in private to my boyfriend which is in reference to a rap song lyric that we send to each other all the time, a result of a permanent ban. I'm sorry but I cannot wrap my head around this, but again like I said I didn't realize it wasn't private I'm new to the game and "Notes" were not in the rules. I made a mistake, I screwed up, but I did not publicly harass someone and tell them to kill themselves amongst many other hateful things, I said something in what I thought was private to my S.O. who understands the context. I respect the staff of RUSTEZ, but I also believe situations can be contextual. Someone else in a public chat told someone they should go kill themselves amongst many other hateful comments and gets a 3 day ban, the definition of harassment. Going over other bans I have seen some HORRIBLE things that people have said, things they have said because that's who they are, they  are mean and disrespectful. I understand how this comment comes off, but if we are realistic this is common in music nowadays, it does not mean I am racist. I did not blast this on public, or say it to anyone disrespectfully. It is a song that me and my boyfriend reference Scarface Ft. Z-Ro, Dirt Bomb & Bun B - Bitch N****- Bing video. Does that make us racist? No. Because unfortunately that is a huge part of the entertainment industry nowadays. Now is telling people to hang themselves, being vulgar, harassment and unempathetic not serious as well? I don't see how they get a 3 day ban and I get a permanent. I have also read on other ban posts that some people have "been spoken to about their racist comments" why were they not permanently banned? Why is it that I am not entitled to a warning like they were. I have learned this is wrong yes and believe me I have learned not to say that anymore because of how it can be interpreted and of course the wrongness of it but do you think the person who has the hateful tendencies who harasses people regularly will learn? No. I made a mistake, with something I thought was light hearted based off of the songs we are listening too and referencing, I also thought was private so it could not be taken out of context. This is a mistake I will not make again on this server. I am once again asking to consider lessening the ban. I mean no disrespect but I don't see the fairness in this decision and I believe that all situations are contextual. Thank you for reading and your consideration.

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Racist words and terms are not now, and will not ever be welcomed in RustEZ.

What happens with other players and the reprimands that they get is of no concern to anyone but the staff and that specific player or players.
You mentioned, how you do not see the fairness with the ban you received versus the punishments others get for non-related issues.  There is no comparison.

Someone being toxic, crude, griefing, or stealing is vastly different from someone using 'the n-word' in any context

That word is a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person. It is not okay. 

I will not be lifting the ban. 

Thank you for taking part in the appeal process, but this will remain in place. 

Good luck in your gaming endeavors.

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