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Banned: US Survival - justjumpin

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  • 3 weeks later...

I stepped away from my computer for a few hours and let my cousin take over and play on my account when I came back from my friends house after working on his truck it said that I had been banned by Wonderboy for racism. so immediately after finding out I called up my cousin to figure out what happened he told me that he was trying to take down heli and then when he got to the helicopter he got into a scuffle with somebody over it. I'm extremely sorry Wonderboy for what my cousin said or did on the server. I changed my login information and password so he couldn't get on my account anymore. I am sincerely sorry for what my cousin said I totally understand if you want to keep this account banned from your server but it would be a real appreciation if you could give me a second chance. sincerely justjumpin

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