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Banned AU Scourge: Winney

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Offender: Name (Steam Profile) (BattleMetrics profile)

Server: AU Scourge

Time: 14/03/2021 9:54 PM

Length: permanent

Reason: Griefing

More Info:

Less than 24 hours after returning from last ban, player was seen asking in voice "is there an admin around" before walking into someone elses unsecure base to throw 2 C4 on their car. Player was already aware they were on their final warning prior to this incident.

Video for reference as needed


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Winney, what you tell the other player is very different than what you are doing.

It's you who is corrupt. You didn't even admit to her that you were banned, my guess the first one was probably justifiably banned.

You even say you don't like the server, why do you keep coming back?

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