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Is it possible for a me to come back in a few wipes time with a new chance please.

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I  now completely understand that i was properly appealed like everyone else but if you admins could at least please consider giving me another chance if i was to make an appeal in a few wipes time that gives me some time to grow up, i will not do it again but as i said in a few wipes that's months away but in the future i will be sure to read the rules to the letter and will not make any such mistakes again im just going to take some time off tho so when i re-appeal again in the future I'm completely cooled and ready to be part of the most amazing server on rust

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Alright. I gave you every chance. You do not wish to follow the appeals process, very well.


You have cited "corruption" in the AU Scourge server. I will address this now in a simple way.
Active staff members who enforce the rules to the letter of the law and take care of the community does not equal corruption. So that argument does not hold a single drop of truth. 

You claim that destroying or damaging another player's property that was inside their base was okay, because there were no doors or locks and it would have decayed anyways:
Your logic is fundamentally flawed. If something isn't yours, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Simple.
By damaging or destroying someone else's property, you were griefing. 

You knew you were on your last warning. (The last ban appeal is linked below.)
You knew your behavior was not appropriate. You are being held accountable for your actions. While you do not like this fact, it changes nothing.

The ban remains in place.

I have included the prior ban, the second appeal, as well as links to 2 of the 6 threads you posted today. (Four additional posts were duplicates. Repeatedly posting was unnecessary.)
Link 1  
Link 2 

Link 3

Link 4

You have since made additional posts. This is the last reply you will get regarding this matter.  
Any further new posts are completely unnecessary and will be locked without comment.

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