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Banned US Survival - XSentauri

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Offender: xsentauri/mixed reality/koldfusion



Server: US Survival

Time:  8:58pm EST
Length: Perm
Reason: Player disrespect - Multiple offenses/warnings

Player has been given numerous warnings/chances from Admins regarding behavior towards other players and admins alike over the past 3 months. This evening, said player referred to another player as having a "low IQ" and being "stupid ass bitch".




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Hello, I understand that I was Warned many times in the past for my actions and not being respectful to the community and etc. This server means a lot to me it is by far the *best* server in rust and I'm not even lying I've searched hundreds of servers inside the server list and not a single one was good enough for me, except this one. I truly am sorry for the actions i have done and will never do them again, I promise to be a respectful, Rule abiding player of the server. Alongside from that I apologize to DarkTweets for the aforementioned rude comments. I shouldn't have said those things, and will never again. 

Although while I am appealing for a ban lift I am also suggesting that there be some form of compromise and communication between players as many players did see me Try to ask him to move his tower many times but I'm not sure if he had me muted or what he didn't listen, I was also accused of griefing while I did place 2 TC's near my base and one in the ocean i did not fire rockets or bullets towards his base I was focused on building my own. Also people said I had a giant hqm Heli tower on my property and removed it before an admin came; Yes that is true but I didn't remove it because of an admin, CyberMiku came to figure out the situation and asked me how it was fair for me to tell him to take his tower down when i had a tower up as well, so taken into consideration I realized this was hypocritically and stupid of me to ask him to do something that i was breaking my own point, I took it down for 2 reasons, Because i realized if those missiles were to land on my base I would suffer the consequences, and because 2 it was also ruining the look of my village.


Furthermore i love this community a lot, and participate heavily with it. I'm always trying to help out and be nice where i can but what can i say. Sometimes stupidity gets the best of us. So in my further regards, i apologize for the chaos i caused, for the insults to darktweets, and for having blue-steel have to get online and deal with such a petty thing, and i hope that the admins and community of this server can take it into their hearts to forgive me for my actions.

-sincerely xsentauri

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There is plenty of communication between players that resolves many issues; surrounding the player with TC's is not communication. Had communication happened, you would've learned that the player wasn't building a Heli Tower, but a 1x1 tower with a chair on top to view fireworks(which he also left twig to easily dismantle). Not wanting a player to build near you because it'll "ruin" how your build looks just makes you seem self-obsessed rather than "help out" and "be nice where you can" in the community. This isn't the first incident where you were toxic towards other players right from the start instead of communicating.

You have had far too many chances to not have learned by now that actions have consequences, so I am rejecting the appeal.

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