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April monument picks


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Here are our April custom monument picks that'll be live on all of our maps tomorrow following the big update!


Author: FireCrow
Link: https://codefling.com/file/593-greenbunker/


Starlight Reactor
Author: Cobalt
Link: https://codefling.com/file/443-cobalt-industries-starlight-reactor/


Underwater Observatory
Author: Immp77
Link: https://codefling.com/file/651-underwater-observatory/

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2 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

Underwater Observatory.. would totally make diving equipment worth the effort!

I was excited to see that release today. I was going for monuments that had a small footprint on the surface to ensure plenty of space for building. I'll try and incorporate more underwater monuments in future maps as well.

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1 hour ago, rubiks-q-bert said:

On the Greenbunker it says people can live in there. Will it be zoned to not allow building? 

If it allows for it I will not touch it. I try not to tamper too much with these monuments so you get the full experience the author intended.

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