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forced wipe asset loss


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hi guys, I would not usually winge, but Twice in a row now I have had an early wipe and lost all of my assets that I purcahsed.  can you put something in place to reimburse paying clients or at least pass their assets them forward.  Yes rust is what it is, but if you allow buyin you must respect that it represents real dollars and time, not rust dollars and wipe time.  People can winge all they want, but i am not a regular grinder, My schedual does not allow me to play like others do.  If I choose to buy in to give myself a chance to play the game with my limited time, I should not suffer a shorter wipe penalty.  This is very unfair.  if this is the purpose then please acknowledge and I will move on.  Thanks

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  • Staff

We have no control over wipes. This is something the games dev do to release new updates that would otherwise break the old save file. Items purchased a week prior to a wipe will be carried over upon request. Just submit your request to https://rustez.com/help. Be sure to also use that for all store inquires so we can keep these matters private.

More about carry-overs

As a curtsey, I've sent replacements for all your March purchases. Sorry for the confusion.

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