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Findus Banned US Scourge (1 day)

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Offender: Findus (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 5:28 PM EST
Length: 1 day
Reason: Griefing and player harassment
More Info (Optional):
Player took issue with another person's base that had spotlights on it. Instead of asking for an admin to take a look, they took matters into their own hands, building a huge tower next to the build. They then set up over 16 spotlights, set to flash on and off, as well as 10+ foggers, 10+ spooky speakers, 15+ strobe lights, all going off constantly. I lost count trying to make note of them all, and it took me over 20 minutes to find them all and turn them off. 



Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 5.49.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 5.49.35 PM (2).png

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Hello @alexanightfire,
First of all i want to say you that  i'm sorry that you had to take time for this. I know that you have already enough other things to do and enough problems to resolve for people.
Like you said, i should  have asked an admin to take a look and tell if for them it's ok to have 15+ search lights on one base.

I kind of knew that admins would say something for the tower I made. During the last wipe there  was many bases with more than 10 search lights spotting everywhere. This is causing lagg and late apparition of the base for the people flying by. ( that moment when you fly and then those huge base with lights everywhere spawn right in front of you, that's  the second before you crash on it ) . I asked in discord at end of wipe for people to use less  lights because  of the laggs it make.

Since end of last  wipe I had the idea of doing something like this to show them how bad it is, but apparently it wasn't a good idea 😅

I don't have any special issue with this person, i  don't even know who it is because when  I asked i had no answer, the only thing is that they have 15+ search lights all around their base, yes it looks cool but performance wise it's not a good thing for the rest of the nearby players.

I was tired yesterday and  did it  before going to bed. As I said, i'm sorry that  you had to take time for this.

If by any chance my ban time can be lowered, I would join now ( it's been 18h ) and remove my tower+tc and let them live peacefully.  If  not, I will do the  same but tomorrow. ( kind of sad for  not be able to play friday night after work  but it's my fault I know.. )

Best regards from one of your player that love the community and admins work on this server, and sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my main  language. 🙂

Edit: added ping for admin concerned.

Lagg Lights.jpg

Edited by Findus
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Thank you for the appeal @Findus. I have gone ahead and lifted the ban early.

In the future, please do let an admin know if there are any bases with excessive spotlights or other items that are causing issues, as we will look into it and request that players tone things down and/or add daylight sensors when possible to lights. It is a pretty big map so we do not always notice these builds ourselves, and reports go a long way to help us. If no admins are available or online at the time, feel free to reach out to us directly, either through the forum, or Discord. 

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