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Banned AU Scourge: Buster & P1X3L_GUNN3R

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Offender: Buster (Steam Profile) (BattleMetrics profile) & P1X3L_GUNN3R (Steam Profile) (Battlemetrics profile)

Server: AU Scourge

Time: 15/04/2021 8:48 PM

Length: permanent

Reason: Racism

More Info: Base was found to be covered in (extremely) racist imagery on all signs. When confronted, player admitted they were placed & painted by himself & his teammate. Images & video available upon request if required.

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  • Staff

Thank you for participating in the appeals process.

The message you saw was me requesting to speak with you to confirm ownership of the signs - and in fact, didn't even mention the signs. Once I spoke with Buster, it was confirmed all the signs were in fact placed & painted by both of you.


There is a zero tolerance policy for racism on RustEZ servers. This is clearly displayed when you enter any of our servers.

You mentioned in your direct message to me that you placed these signs as a joke - Use of the words & imagery you posted on these signs are in any circumstance absolutely unacceptable, and frankly deplorable. It is not funny, racism not a joke.



This ban will not be lifted. Best of luck with your future gaming endeavors.

 - Samakeen.



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