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Greetings From A Barely Clothed Noob!


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Very new to the game of Rust and, wanting to learn the ropes, I went with PvE servers. The US Pure PvE server was the second one I tried and I have yet to play another since. During the short time I have been with the game, about a week tops, I have just been keeping to myself, farming, building a base, etc. However, I have been able to see that this community genuinely wants to help the new players, as well as the veterans for that matter, and enhance another's experience with the emotional roller-coaster that is Rust. Being severely introverted and shy, it is kind of a twisted irony that I love to play social, MMO type games. I do intend to interact with the community more, which reminds me I still need to get on the discord.

Did NOT intend to ramble that long! My bad..Salutations from SolgrOnly!


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