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Dear RustEZ server, 

I was previously banned on rust ez pure a few months ago for looting players, i was still new to the game and didnt understand the rules but have been playing other servers since. I know alot of people on the rust ez server and would like to see if it was possible to get another chance to join back, i now have over 700+ hours on rust and have matured since, please reconsider, i promise i wont be an issue as i just want to play rustez pve to enjoy with friends.


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Hello ricky,

Here is a link to your original ban report:

As you can see here, you were not banned just for looting, but for repeatedly breaking server rules even after admins had given you multiple warnings and repeatedly tried to explain the server rules to you. You'll also see that this is your second ban from the RustEZ community. Every time admins tried to explain the server rules you were repeatedly dismissive, in fact during your final conversation on the server, I personally was trying to explain the rules to you when you said this:


and immediately left the server before finishing our conversation.


Considering the repeated dismissive attitude towards admins, the server rules, the number of infractions and the fact that this was your second RustEZ ban, I've determined that it will not be lifted.

I wish you luck in finding another server more suited to your playstyle.


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