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Make quarry, bandit and outpost teleport cost a bit


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1 hour ago, Mario3000 said:

After the update with the bandit, outpost and quarry teleports noone would fly or go to it. I'm not happy with that update in general but a cost of maybe 100 credits per teleport would be fine for me.

Why? Most people would just make a bed there if he did that and death travel. It's what we used to do. The whole point is to remove clutter like that from the map. Making it cost anything would just bring that back.


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50 minutes ago, Mario3000 said:

teleporting to bed costs credits too so why would you make a bed if the teleport price without bed is the same?

Correct, but players didn't teleport using the home system, they would F1 kill and respawn at the bed/bag instead of spending credits.

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