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Banned for joy riding

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I was putting engine parts in a car when a guy pulled up jumped out of his car and ran up the hill, I jumped in the car thinking it was one of my friends when the guy who's car it was jumped in the passenger seat but I couldn't hear him, I wasn't trying to break his car and was gonna get out so he could get it back once I realised what had more then likely just happened. I couldn't hear anyone and was trying to get u guys to come to my friend so he could explain, why I jumped back in the car as it wasn't far.

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We were told he had multiple violations on the forums from previous bad behavior. I cannot find any previous violations or warnings for DominatingU. That is the only name he has used on Steam/Rust so either I'm looking in the wrong place or we were lied to. He sometimes starts Rust before plugging in his headset. Whenever that happens he cannot hear any in game audio. An Admin talked to me and said she went to him and was telling him to get out of the car. He had no way of knowing what anyone said. 

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Thank you for following the appeals process. We do not post prior warnings, only ban reports and in cases where screenshots are needed as evidence.
You had two previous warnings on your account. The first was for breaking into a neighbour's base multiple times over the course of a few days, by finding a vulnerability, landing on their roof, entering through a ladder hatch that had been left unlocked, stealing car parts and fuel and destroying the chassis of the car they had inside their garage. The second warning was for completely blocking a river and ignoring a PSA to adjust your build so that it complied with server rules about not blocking water passage for players. After the initial PSA, the build had been expanded and upgraded.

We go by a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy on RustEZ servers. The ban today was for stealing. From my point of view, this is what happened based on interviewing multiple witnesses: a player had exited their vehicle either in front of their base or inside it, with the intent of storing it inside properly on a lift. That player had placed parts and fuel in it. You jumped in the car and  took it for a joyride. The player made multiple attempts over voice and in game chat to ask you to leave their car. You responded in game chat  with the following messages:

5:39 PM

DominatingU: i didnt steal it

5:39 PM

DominatingU: some guy drove by and jumped out

When I got there, I removed you from the car, and I asked if you could hear me. You appeared to acknowledge my voice with a motion similar to a nod of  your player model. I explained the server rules, that stealing is not allowed, and that you cannot take player vehicles as this is stealing. At no point did I see an attempt to communicate an inability to hear or understand me. I went to further explain our policy on warnings and bans, and mentioned that you had previous warnings on your account for similar behaviour, so this was a possible ban, at which point in time you jumped into the vehicle and took off. You then drove it straight at the ocean, which seemed to be an attempt to get it waterlogged and destroyed. I removed you again from the vehicle so as to prevent its destruction, and placed the ban at this point in time as, from my perspective, all I was seeing was a complete lack of regard for the rules.

That being said, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt this time, and lower the ban length to 3 days, after reviewing your appeal and speaking with your teammates in-game. As an admin, we do our best to communicate with players and take into account every aspect when situations arise. Admins have green names in chat, and we wear glowing eyes like zombies. If one comes up to you and you cannot hear us, please let us know in game chat so that we can find alternate ways to communicate. 
I highly recommend you take some time the next few days to go over the server rules, and reach out if you have any questions at all. 





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